Benq Joybook S32 User Manual

Recovering your system using, the supplied discs

Recovering your system
Recovering your system using 
the supplied discs
To recover your system using the "Operating System Disc" and 
"Drivers and Applications" discs, follow the procedure and 
instructions below carefully.
Step 1: Reinstalling a clean copy of 
Windows Vista
• All programs you installed or data you saved on the C: drive 
will be erased. However, data on the D: drive will not be 
• Recovering your system by using Method 2 (the supplied 
"Operating System Disc" and "Drivers and Applications" 
discs) will cause the QDataTrove function to become 
unavailable. You will also need to install the device drivers 
manually from the "Drivers and Applications" discs.
• Do not remove discs when the recovery is in progress until 
prompted to do so.
• Before using the "Operating System Disc" and "Drivers and 
Applications" discs, make sure the system is not in 
hibernation mode or turned off. Also make sure the lid of your 
Joybook is not closed during the recovery.
The availability of the supplied discs may vary depending on 
your purchased model.
1. Turn on your Joybook.
2. Press the <F9> key when the BenQ logo appears on the 
screen during system startup. A Boot Menu screen appears.
3. Insert the supplied "Operating System Disc" into your optical 
4. Use < > or < > to select CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, and then 
press Enter.
5. Press any key when you are prompted with Press any key to 
boot from CD or DVD. Please wait while Windows is loading 
6. The Install Windows screen appears. Select the operating 
system you want to install, and then click Next.
7. On the Where do you want to install Windows? screen, select 
the primary disk partition, and then click Format.
This will remove all programs and data on the C: drive where 
Windows Vista is currently installed. However, other drives will 
not be affected.
8. Click Next. Your Joybook will restart a few times during the 
installation. Please wait while the installation is in progress. 
9. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the 
installation and setup.
10.When you finish reinstalling the operating system, be sure to 
remove the "Operating System Disc" from your optical drive.
11.Restart your Joybook. 
12.To make the Joybook operate properly, it requires the 
reinstallation of the drivers and software programs located on 
the "Drivers and Applications" discs, which would have been 
erased from your Joybook when the C: drive was formatted.  Page 45  Wednesday, May 9, 2007  4:53 PM