FAQ and troubleshooting
Should I drain the battery of my Joybook every time before charging to 
retain its capacity?
No. Your Joybook comes with an Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery pack. This 
is one of the newest cell types available. It is also the lightest battery type 
currently available on a commercial basis and can provide more power 
than other main cell types. There are no known problems of memory 
effect with this battery type and it is the easiest battery type to care for.
There is nothing visible on the screen.
Check the power indicator.
If it is not lit up, no power is being supplied to Joybook. Connect the AC 
adapter and restart Joybook.
If it is lit up in amber, Joybook has entered sleep mode in order to 
conserve power. Simply pressing the Power button or any key should 
return Joybook to normal operating mode.
If it is lit up in blue, Joybook is being supplied normally with power. 
There are two possible causes for the problem.
The screen's brightness may be set too low. Use the <Fn> + 
<F9> hotkey combination to increase the brightness.
The display mode may be set to use an external display. Use the 
<Fn> + <F3> hotkey combination to switch the display mode to 
use Joybook's own LCD panel or to use simultaneous display.
When I connect the Joybook to an external monitor, the display is 
The instructions below will guide you through the troubleshooting 
Use the <Fn> + <F3> function key combination to set external video 
signal enabled.
Refer to the user's manual of the external monitor to check the settings.
Connect the cable to the Joybook and reboot the system. If there is no 
display on the external monitor after system reboot, connect Joybook to 
a standard VGA monitor and wait until you can see things properly on 
that VGA monitor. Then connect the target display to Joybook again.
How can I judge if my LCD panel is out of order and what should I do if 
it happens?
If your Joybook cannot display images at the default resolution, please 
visit the BenQ web site to download and update the latest Joybook display 
Contact your BenQ dealer if either of the following phenomena occurs:
The screen shakes when the system started up normally.
Fonts displayed on the screen are unclear and strange codes appear.
There is no display when the hard drive is running normally.
Colors on the screen are strange and turn into white.
Vertical or horizontal lines appear on the screen.
When playing back a media file using Windows Media Player, the frame 
speed is abnormal.
The sound changes while the screen remains the same when playing 
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