Installing additional memory

Installing additional memory
Installing additional memory
You can replace the existing memory module with a higher-capacity one. 
Before you upgrade or replace memory, please check on the BenQ web 
site to determine the module which can be used, or contact BenQ 
distributor or customer service center. It is recommended that you take 
your Joybook to the BenQ distributor or customer service center for the 
upgrade or memory replacement.
For details about the limit of maximum memory, refer to the product 
information from
Please follow the steps below to consult the FAQ information and find 
out the types of BenQ certified memory modules for your Joybook:
1. Connect to BenQ Online Service and Support 
2. Click FAQ.
3. Click Joybook.
1. Shut down your Joybook completely. Disconnect the AC adapter and 
turn over your Joybook.
2. Slide the battery retainer B to the unlock
Memory cover
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