Recovering your system

Recovering your system
Recovering your system
System recovery is a data destructive process. You should backup all 
data and applications prior to restoring. Please make sure your system is 
connected to AC Power before continuing.
The system recovery methods listed below are only available when your 
Joybook comes pre-installed with a Windows operating system.
Should your system become unstable and you wish to restore it to its 
original state or make a backup, you can do so following either of the 
methods below:
Method 1: The QDataTrove function of your Joybook. For details, refer 
to “Using QDataTrove” below.
Method 2: The supplied “Operating System Disc” and “Drivers and 
Applications” discs (available depending on your purchased model). 
For details, refer to 
"Protecting your Joybook from viruses and other 
security threats" on page 23
Using QDataTrove
Launching QDataTrove:
1. Start your Joybook.
2. During the startup process, press the <F10> key when you see “Press 
F10 key to enter QDataTrove” on the upper left part of the screen.
3. The following options will then display on the screen. Click Backup or 
Restore to proceed according to your need.
Backing up your files:
• Make sure your system is connected to AC Power before performing the 
• If you already have a previous backup file on the D: drive, then it will be 
• The backup files will occupy a large amount of disk space, over 10GB, 
so make sure your D: drive has sufficient free space available. Simply 
click the D: drive under “Computer” in Windows Vista. The total size 
and available free space appear in the Details pane at the bottom of the 
folder window.
a. Make sure your D: drive has sufficient free space. For details, 
refer to the note above.
b. To back up your complete system drive files, click System Drive 
Backup/Primary Drive Backup to proceed.
c. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.
The backup creates a “BenQ user” folder on the D: drive, which can be 
burnt to disk and archived independently of QDataTrove.  Page 21  Monday, February 12, 2007  10:44 AM