Using built in wireless connectivity available on selected models

Using your Joybook
Using built-in wireless connectivity (available on selected models)
With the built-in wireless connectivity of your Joybook, you can access 
other wireless network enabled devices (such as Access Point network 
stations, Notebook computers, Personal Digital Assistants, or digital 
projectors) wirelessly without the constraints of network cables. 
To connect with a Local Area Network (LAN) at home or in the office, 
you need the details of an access point, which serves as an air station to 
make transmission possible. Outdoors in places such as in coffee shops or 
library, you can inquire the service personnel about an account.
• Wireless LAN (WLAN) is available on selected models.
• WLAN connectivity has limited range, depending upon the equipment 
being used, the chosen frequency band, radio-wave interference, and 
the physical landscape (including building structure). Circumstances 
will vary depending upon your particular situation.
Connecting to a wireless network:
1. Make sure that you are located within the wireless network service 
2. Slide the “Wireless connection switch” on the Joybook to the right to 
activate WLAN.
3. Click on the WLAN icon 
 in the notification area located at the 
lower right corner of the desktop to display a pop-up menu.
4. From the pop-up menu, click Connect to a network.
5. Click Wireless in the Show list. A list of available wireless networks will 
be displayed.
6. Click a network and then click Connect. If security authentication is 
not required by the network you are using, there will be a successful 
message showing that you have connected to the network.
• To connect to some networks that require security authentication, you 
may have to undergo another authorization process and enter 
username and password. For details, please consult your network 
• For further information, refer to Help and Support.
• For data security, it is strongly recommended to connect to security-
enabled wireless networks whenever possible.
• When travelling by air, please be sure to turn off wireless networking to 
avoid any possible risks to flight safety.
There are other ways for the Joybook to connect with a network. See 
"LAN (Local Area Network) port (RJ-45 connector)"
"Modem port 
(RJ-11 connector)" on page 7
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