Benq Joybee 120 User Manual

Thank you for using BenQ Joybee, 120 MP3 Player

Thank you for using BenQ Joybee 120 MP3 Player!   
Thank you for using BenQ Joybee 
120 MP3 Player!
Thank you for purchasing BenQ Joybee 120 MP3 Player!
BenQ Joybee 120 offers outstanding playback and recording 
functions at low power consumption*. You may download any 
legal MP3 files from the Internet or convert music from an 
audio CD into MP3 files with QMusic that comes with Joybee 
120 and save them on Joybee 120. Moreover, the seven built-in 
EQ modes on Joybee 120 allow you to enjoy music at the best 
sound quality. In addition to a MP3 player, Joybee is a FM 
radio and a recorder. Its screen is designed to use clod light 
display and its firmware can be updated from a PC. Joybee 120 
not only enriches your musical life but also allows you to carry 
your data everywhere. Its convenient driver-free plug and play 
function allows you to use it as a USB flash disk on Windows 
In this manual, you will find detailed descriptions and instruc-
tions of every function on Joybee 120. Please read carefully in 
order to use these convenient functions and enjoy high quality 
music with Joybee 120.
When batteries are fully charged, Joybee 120 offers about
16 hours of continuous replay time for MP3 music. Of
course, the exact replay time is subject to the condition of
battery, operation frequency and format of files being