Benq Joybee 120 User Manual


Unable to transfer files to Joybee 120:
Please check the following:
† If the USB cable has been securely connected to a PC and 
Joybee 120, and Joybee 120 is turned on. 
† If USB driver has been installed on your PC system.
† If battery on Joybee 120 is full.
Data stored in Joybee 120 is lost.
When power supply is unstable while Joybee 120 is con-
nected to a PC, it may cause data loss. Hence, we strongly 
recommend you to back up all data stored in Joybee 120. 
BenQ Corporation shall make no representation on damage 
or indemnification arising out of loss of data.
The memory on Joybee 120 is big enough for the files I want to
transfer to Joybee 120, but I just can’t transfer them to Joybee
Joybee 120 allocates memory in either 16KB or 32KB each 
block. That is to say, when a file is but 1byte big, it will occu-
pies one block of memory. Therefore, even the total size of 
files may not be bigger than the memory size, you may not 
be able to transfer them to Joybee 120.
I can’t see anything on the screen of Joybee 120.
† Check battery status and make sure that it is turned on. 
† The firmware of Joybee 120 may be damaged due to 
improper operation, perform Firmware Update.