Benq Joybee 120 User Manual

Using Joybee 120 as a flash disk

   Using BenQ Joybee 120 MP3 Player
Using Joybee 120 as a flash disk
Connecting Joybee 120 to a PC
1. Turn on Joybee 120.
2. Connect Joybee 120 to a PC with a USB cable. When Joybee 
120 is successfully connected to the PC, a new icon “Remov-
able Disk” will appear in My Computer window. Also, a mes-
sage read “Connection Completed” will display on the screen 
of Joybee 120.
If the dialog box “Windows found new hardware” keeps
appearing on the PC screen after the connection, press
Next or OK to close the dialog box.
3. Now, you may cut, copy and paste files stored in Joybee 120 
with File Manager as you are working on any fixed disk.
If you are using Windows 98, you must install the driver
that comes with Joybee 120 to enable Joybee 120 to com-
municate with your PC.
When files are being transferred to Joybee 120, do not
disconnect Joybee 120 from the PC when the message
read “Communication in progress...” displays on the
screen of Joybee 120. Disconnect Joybee 120 from your
PC after the message read “Connection completed” dis-
plays on the screen. 
Please check if there is enough memory space on Joybee
120 before transferring files to Joybee 120.
Do not delete the SETTINGS.DAT file on Joybee 120.
If the files transferred to Joybee 120 are WMA, MP3 or
WAV files, you can play them on Joybee 120.