Benq Joybee 120 User Manual

Scanning channels, Adjusting radio volume, Changing to another mode, Recording a FM program

Using BenQ Joybee 120 MP3 Player   
Scanning channels
1. When a channel is being played or is paused, press 
2. Press   or   to scroll to Scan Channels and press 
3. Press   or   to scan forward or backward.
Adjusting radio volume
1. When listening to FM radio, press 
2. Press   or   to adjust volume.
Then, press
for several times to return to FM 
Radio screen.
Changing to another mode
1. When listening to the FM radio, press 
2. Press   or   to scroll to Mode and press
3. Select the desired mode and press 
Recording a FM program
Do not turn off Joybee 120 or connect or disconnect it from
a PC while recording.
Do not turn on backlight while recording to avoid noise in
1. When listening to FM radio, press
to start recording.
2. Press and hold 
 for two seconds and then release the 
button to stop recording.
All recorded programs will be saved in the name of
F001.WAV, F002.WAV, F003.WAV etc., the number appearing
in the end of the filenames refers to the order to programs