Benq Joybee 120 User Manual

Playing a MP3 WMA file

   Using BenQ Joybee 120 MP3 Player
Playing a MP3/WMA file
Playing a file
1. Turn on Joybee 120.
2. Launch to the function menu according to the instructions 
given in the ‘Launching to the function menu’ section.
3. When ‘Mode’ appears on the screen, press
4. When ‘MP3/WMA’ appears on the screen, press
5. Then, the name of files saved on Joybee 120 will be displayed 
on the screen. Press   or   to select an file and 
to play the file.
Operating Joybee 120 when a file is being played
Pause a playing file
When an file is being played, press
to pause. If you want 
to play the file again, press
Fast forward
When an file is being played, press   to go forward.
Next file
When an file is being played, press   to skip to the next file.
When an file is being played, press   to rewind.