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Is the prompt on the display illuminated in orange?
If the LED is illuminated in orange, the power management mode is active. Press any button on 
the computer keyboard or move the mouse. If that does not help, check the signal cable 
connectors. If any pin is bent or broken off, please contact your dealer to get necessary support.
Is the prompt on the display not illuminated at all?
Check the power supply mains socket, the external power supply and the mains switch.
The image is distorted, flashes or flickers:
Read the instructions on the link "Adjusting the Screen Resolution" on the CD, and
then select 
the correct resolution, refresh rate and make adjustments based on these instructions.
You are running the monitor at its native resolution, but the image is still distorted.
Images from different input sources may appear distorted or stretched on the monitor running at 
its native resolution. To have the optimal display performance of each type of input sources, you 
can use the "Display Mode" function to set a proper aspect ratio for the input sources. See 
Mode on page 23
for details.
The image is displaced in one direction:
Read the instructions on the link  "Adjusting the Screen Resolution" on the CD, and then 
select the correct resolution, refresh rate and make adjustments based on these instructions.
The OSD controls are inaccessible:
• To unlock the OSD controls when the OSD is preset to be locked, press and hold the “MENU” 
key for 15 seconds to enter the “OSD Lock” option and make changes. 
• Alternatively, you may use the   or   keys to select “NO” in the “OSD Lock” submenu from 
the “OSD Settings” menu (under SYSTEM), and all OSD controls will be accessible.
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If your problems remain after checking this manual, please contact your place of purchase or 
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