Benq DC 3400 User Manual

BenQ DC 3400 User s Manual

BenQ DC 3400 User’s Manual
Using the DC 3400 as a PC/Web Cam
You can use the DC 3400 as a PC/web cam with software such as Microsoft’s 
Netmeeting (included on the CD-ROM). 
1. Turn on the computer.
2. Connect the DC 3400 and the computer with the supplied USB cable.
3. Turn the camera power on.
4. Use   and 
 to choose between Mass Storage Device 
 and PC/Web Cam 
5. Select “PC/Web Cam” 
 and press the Set 
6. Refer to your software instructions for further details.
Using QLink
The QLink software that is included with your camera 
makes it quick and easy to download photos to your 
computer where you can view, edit, email and print 
First, install the QLink software that is located on your 
DC 3400 software installation CD-ROM. Just follow the 
on-screen instructions. The installer will create a folder within “Program Files” as well 
as a Startup item and a task bar icon. You can launch the program using any of these 
three methods, or by using the QLink button when the camera is connected to the 
computer with the USB cable.
QLink task bar icon
QLink features a single window from which you 
can download and manage your photos. The 
left pane contains the Windows Explorer view 
to which you can drag and drop files from the 
preview pane in the center of the window.
Hold your mouse over any button to see a 
popup description of its function. The interface 
is intuitive, easy to learn, and provides 
shortcuts for many common tasks.
QLink button