Benq DC 3400 User Manual

BenQ DC 3400 User s Manual

BenQ DC 3400 User’s Manual
The DC 3400 makes it quick and easy to download photos and video clips to your 
computer for storage, editing and sharing with friends and family. You can also use 
the DC 3400 as a mass storage device to store and transfer files of any type between 
computers or as a PC/Web camera for videoconferencing and recording video 
directly to your computer’s hard drive.
Installing the Driver (Windows 98SE)
If your computer’s operating 
system is Windows 98SE you 
must install the driver software 
that is included on the DC 3400 
software installation CD-ROM 
before connecting the DC 3400 to 
your computer for the first time. 
To install the driver, insert the CD-
ROM into your computer’s CD-
ROM drive and wait for the 
software installation screen to 
appear. If this screen does not 
appear automatically, double click 
on the file named “setup.exe” that 
is located on the CD-ROM.
Follow the on-screen indructions to install the driver software.
Installing Software
The DC 3400 software installation CD-ROM includes several useful commercial 
software applications (Windows only) that you can use to edit and manage the 
multimedia files you create. 
• Q-Link
• Microsoft NetMeeting
• ArcSoft Photobase - multimedia organizer
• ArcSoft PhotoImpression - photo editing and design
• Microsoft DirectX - cross-platform media tool
• Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF file viewer
To install the software, insert the CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM drive and 
wait for the software installation screen to appear. If this screen does not appear 
automatically, double click on the file named “setup.exe” that is located on the CD-
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the applications of your choice.