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Printing images

80  Working with computer and AV system
Printing images
In addition to printing images by connecting the camera to a printer via a 
computer or bringing the memory card (if available) to a photo-processing 
center, you can choose to print using PictBridge.
Printing with PictBridge
You can directly print images by connecting your camera to a PictBridge-
compatible printer without using a computer.
To print images from a PictBridge-compatible printer:
1. Open the USB/AV port cover.
2. Connect the smaller plug end of the USB cable to 
the camera.
3. Connect the other end of the USB cable to an 
available USB port on your printer.
4. Turn on the printer. Wait for a while until it finishes starting up and is ready 
to print.
5. Turn on the camera.
6. Wait for the connection.
7. On the PictBridge menu, select one of the following options:
• Print  One
: Select to configure the printing 
settings on one specific image.
• Print  All
: Select to print all images at a 
Print Index
: Select to configure the 
printing settings on the selected image.
: Select to print only the images with 
DPOF tag. See 
"Setting DPOF" on page 65
for details.
Print One
Print All
Print Index
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