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Using Mode Dial in the capture mode

Using Mode Dial in the capture mode  37
Using Mode Dial in the capture mode
Auto (Smart scene) mode
In this mode, the camera automatically selects the best scene mode from Auto 
), Portrait (
), Landscape (
), Backlight (
), Night Portrait (
), Night 
Scene (
), Macro (
), Sports (
), Text (
), and Foliage (
1. Set the mode dial to 
2. Press the shutter halfway to set automatic focus. The selected shooting mode 
is displayed in the top left corner of the screen.
3. Press the shutter to capture an image. 
Program mode
In this mode, the camera automatically sets different combinations of the shutter 
speed and aperture value. However, you can adjust those settings via Flexible 
1. Set the mode dial to  .
If the flexible program is activated, a 
 icon appears on the screen. Do the 
following to adjust the shutter speed and aperture value:
• Rotate the jog dial to the right when you want to blur the background detail 
or when you want to capture fast moving subjects.
• Rotate the jog dial to the left when you want to increase depth of field or 
when you want to emphasis the motion of a subject.
2. Press the shutter halfway to set automatic focus.
3. Press the shutter to capture an image.
To cancel the flexible program, you can do one of the following:
• Rotate the jog dial until a
appears on the screen. 
• Select another shooting mode.
• Turn off the camera.
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