Benq G1 User Manual

Installing and removing an SD card

20  Touring the camera
Installing and removing an SD card
The camera comes with internal memory for storing captured images or video 
clips. You can also add an SD card to store more files.
To install an SD card:
1. Slide the battery/card cover to the left 
to release and open it.
2. Insert an SD card in the correct direction.
3. Close the battery/card cover and then slide it 
to the right to lock it in place.
To remove an SD card:
1. Slide the battery/card cover to the left to release and open it.
2. Lightly press the edge of the memory card to eject.
3. Close the battery/card cover and then slide it to the right to lock it in place.
Before initial use of an SD card, please format the card first by pressing 
Manage Memory
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