Other Correspondent Remote Functions and Messages

Other Correspondent Remote Functions and Messages 
English 25 
The selected source will be displayed 
at the bottom right of the screen for 
3 seconds after selecting the source. 
The image will be frozen when the 
“Freeze” button is pressed. A “
mark appears at the lower right of the 
screen for 3 seconds during the freeze 
function. Furthermore, a “
” mark 
appears at the lower right of the 
screen for 3 seconds when freeze is 
released. “Freeze” is released when 
the source button or the “Freeze” 
button is pressed again. 
Press the “Mute” button and the sound 
will be muted. There will be an OSD 
message as shown below. Press Mute 
again or the volume +/- buttons to 
turn off the mute. 
Press volume + or – buttons to adjust 
the volume. The OSD message below will 
appear. (The message will disappear 
automatically 3 seconds after the 
volume is adjusted.) 
By pressing the magnify “+” button, 
the center of the picture can be 
magnified. Press the button again, and 
the image will be further magnified 
(to a maximum of 4X). Press the 
magnify “-” button, and the size of 
the magnified image will be reduced by 
50 percent. To return to the normal 
display mode, press the “Return” 
Press this button to generate the 
laser beam. 
Disk Pad 
If users connect the PS2 (ADB) mouse 
cable on the projector with the 
PC/Notebook (Macintosh/ Powerbook) 
mouse port, the disk pad will be able 
to function as a PC/Notebook 
(Macintosh/ Powerbook) mouse. When an 
image has been magnified, press the 
“Disk Pad” button to move around the