To select the input video system standard. When an AV 
box or turner box is attached, the projector will 
automatically detect the video system. Users also can 
select desired video systems. When selecting system, 
the projector will detect the selected system 
simultaneously, and the OSD will still exit on the 
screen. The default setting of System is “Auto” (See 
Figure 25). 
Source is Video 
or S-Video 
Tint may not be adjusted with PAL/SECAM video signal input
Control Page
When users go into the Control sub-
page, the first item “Auto” will be 
highlighted. There are five items on 
this page: Reset, Language, Mirror, 
Auto Off and Reset (Fig. 26). 
Figure 26 Control sub-page 
Setting effects 
To reset display, image and control settings to factory 
To select the OSD menu language. Seven languages are 
supported: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, 
Simple Chinese and Chinese. (See Figure 26). 
To select Normal projection, H-Invert projection, V-
Invert projection, or H/V Invert projection. 
Auto Off 
To set the time to turn the power off after the start up 
screen is displayed and no signal is detected or sync is 
out of range. To select, use “
” (KEYSTONE-) or “
(KEYSTONE+) to set the time. 0 means Auto Off function 
*Default setting is 0 (stop). 
The usage time of lamp will display on this item. And 
you can reset the usage time of lamp from this item 
after you change a new lamp. ( See page 18 ) 
English 23