AT&T EL51209, EL51359 User Manual

Multiple handset use

Multiple handset use
Multiple handset use
Handset locator
The handset locator feature is useful if you misplace 
any handsets.
To start the paging tone:
Press     HANDSET LOCATOR at the telephone base 
to start the paging tone on all handsets for 60 
To stop the paging tone:
• Press     PHONE/FLASH,     SPEAKER, or any dial pad 
key (0-9, *, or #) on the handset(s), 
• Press     HANDSET LOCATOR on the telephone 
Join a call in progress
You can conference with another system handset while on a call. If a handset is 
already on a call and you would like to join the call, press    PHONE/
     SPEAKER on another system handset.
Press     OFF/
 or place the handset in the telephone base or charger to exit 
the call. The call ends when all handsets hang up.
NOTE: If you press      OFF/
 or MUTE/
a handset, the ringer of the handset is silenced but 
the paging tone continues.
NOTE: The handset ringer volume also determines the 
level of the paging tone. If the handset ringer volume 
level is set to off, that handset is silent for all calls and 
paging (page 9).
NOTE: You can only use two system handsets at the same time on an outside call.