AT&T EL51209, EL51359 User Manual

Battery installation charging

Getting started
Battery installation & charging
Install the battery as shown on the next page. Once you have installed the 
battery, the screen indicates the battery status (see table below). If necessary, 
place the handset in the telephone base or charger to charge the battery. For 
best performance, keep the handset in the charger when not in use. The 
battery is fully charged after 16 hours of continuous charging. See the table on 
page 57 for battery operating times.
If the screen is blank, you need to charge the handset without interruption for 
at least 10 minutes to give the handset enough charge to use the telephone 
for a short time. The screen shows LOW BATTERY and the backlight is off until 
you have charged the battery without interruption for at least one hour. The 
following table summarizes the battery charge indicators and actions to take.
Battery indicators
Battery status
The screen is blank.
Battery has no charge 
and the handset 
cannot be used.
Charge without 
interruption until the 
screen shows LOW 
BATTERY (at least 10 
The screen shows 
and   flashes
Battery has very little 
charge and the 
handset cannot be 
Charge without 
interruption until the 
screen shows LOW 
BATTERY (at least four 
The screen shows LOW 
BATTERY and   flashes.
Battery has enough 
charge to be used for 
a short time.
Charge without 
interruption until the 
screen shows HANDSET 
X (at least one hour).
The screen shows 
Battery is charged.
To keep the battery 
charged, place it in the 
telephone base or 
charger when not in use.
NOTE: If you are on a phone call in low battery mode, you hear four short beeps 
every minute.