In case of difficulty

In case of difficulty
If you have difficulty with your phone, please try the suggestions below. For Customer
Service, visit our web site at, or call 1-800-222–3111.
Telephone does
not work at all
Make sure battery is installed and charged correctly (see page 7).
Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into an outlet not controlled by
a wall switch.
Make sure the telephone line cord is plugged firmly into the base unit
and the modular jack.
If you have dial-pulse telephone service, make sure the dial mode is
set to Pulse (see page 13).
If these suggestions do not work, unplug the base, remove and re-
insert the battery, then place the handset in the base to re-initialize.
Phone does not
Make sure the ringer is on (see page 12).
Make sure the telephone line cord and AC adapter are plugged in
properly (see page 6).
Move the handset closer to the base.
You might have too many extension phones on your telephone line to
allow all of them to ring. Try unplugging some of them.
If you hear
noise or 
during a call
You may be out of range. Move closer to the base.
Appliances plugged into the same circuit as the base can cause 
interference. Try moving the appliance or base to another outlet.
The layout of your home or office might be limiting the operating
range. Try moving the base to another location, preferably on an
upper floor.
If the buttons don’t work, try placing the handset in the base for at
least 15 seconds.
Disconnect the base from the modular jack and plug in a corded tele-
phone. If calls are still not clear, the problem is probably in your
wiring or local service. Call your local telephone service company.
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