Caller ID Logs

Caller ID Logs
How Caller ID works 
If you subscribe to Caller ID service provided by your
local phone company, information about each caller will
be displayed after the first ring.
Information about the last 50 incoming calls is stored in
your call log. You can review the call log to find out
who has called, return the call without dialing, or copy
the caller’s name and number into your phonebook.
When the call log is full, the oldest entry is deleted to
make room for new incoming call information.
If you answer a call before the information appears on
the screen, it will not be saved in your call log.
About names 
Names of callers will be displayed only if this information
is provided by your local telephone company. 
If the telephone number of the person calling matches a
number in your phonebook, the name that appears on
screen will match the name as you entered it into your
(Example: If “Christine Smith” calls, her name will
appear as “Chris” if this is how you entered it into your
Caller’s name
Caller’s number
Appears when
new call is
Time of call
Date of call
Pat Williams
11/23 10:01
Pat Williams
11/23 10:01
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