Wall mounting

Getting Started
Wall mounting
The speakerphone base can be installed on any standard wall-phone outlet as shown
below. Choose a location away from electronic equipment, such as personal comput-
ers, television sets or microwave ovens. Avoid excessive heat, cold, dust or moisture.
Step 4:
Plug power cord transformer
into electrical outlet.
Step 1:
Connect power cord and telephone line cord to base
unit, passing through wall mount, as shown
Step 3:
Plug telephone line cord into
telephone line jack.  Firmly
press and slide down the
base unit onto the outlet
mounting pegs so base is
securely held.
Step 2:
Clip Wall-Mount bracket
securely into notches on
underside of base.
Please set up the telephone line cord, power cord and wall mount bracket according
to the following steps:
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