ASUS ET2702I User Manual

Charms bar

All-in-One PC ET2702I 
Pinning more apps on the Start screen
You can pin more apps on the Start screen using your touchscreen.
1.  Swipe down the app tile to select and launch its settings bar. 
2.  Tap 
 to pin the selected app to the Start screen.
Charms bar
The charms bar is a toolbar that can be triggered on the right side of your screen. It consists of 
several tools that allow you to share applications and provide quick access for customizing the 
settings of your All-in-One PC.
Launching the charms bar
NOTE:  When called out, the charms bar initially appears as a set of white icons. The image above 
shows how the charms bar looks like once activated.
Use your All-in-One PC’s touchscreen or keyboard to launch the charms bar.
Charms bar
Swipe the right edge of the screen.