ASUS ET2702I User Manual

Rear view

All-in-One PC ET2702I 
Rear view
Antenna Input (optional)
The antenna input is for TV frequency signal and allows for use with the digital TV 
antenna or input from subscription television services. The antenna can receive digital 
TV. Cable service connection can receive digital TV, analog TV, depending on paid 
Subwoofer jack (on selected models)
The proprietary subwoofer jack is used to connect to the ASUS All-in-One PC 
subwoofer. The subwoofer allows you to enjoy vibrant bass (low frequency) sounds in 
your multimedia applications.
IMPORTANT! The subwoofer jack can ONLY be connected to All-in-One PC subwoofers 
or sound devices by ASUS. DO NOT connect other devices to this jack. Doing so may 
damage the device.
KensingtonĀ® security slot
The KensingtonĀ® security slot allows you to secure your All-in-One PC using 
KensingtonĀ® compatible security products.