Setting up your computer

Chapter 1: Getting started
Setting up your computer
This section guides you through connecting the main hardware devices, such as the external 
monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord, to your computer.
Connecting an external monitor
Using the ASUS Graphics Card (on selected models only)
Connect your monitor to the display output port on the discrete ASUS Graphics Card.
To connect an external monitor using the ASUS Graphics Card:
Connect a monitor to a display output port on the ASUS Graphics Card.
Plug the monitor to a power source.
The display output ports on the ASUS Graphics Card may vary with different models.
•  If your computer comes with an ASUS Graphics Card, the graphics card is set as the 
primary display device in the BIOS. Hence, connect your monitor to a display output port 
on the graphics card.
•  To connect multiple external monitors to your computer, refer to Connecting multiple 
external monitors in Chapter  of this user manual for details.