4 4 3, Onboard Devices Configuration

ASUS V-series P5G41E
Onboard Devices Configuration
Onboard Devices Configuration
Serial Port1 Address 
Parallel Port Address 
Parallel Port Mode 
  Parallel Port IRQ 
Allows you to select the Serial Port1 base address. 
Configuration options: [Disabled] [3F8/IRQ4] [2F8/IRQ3] [3E8/IRQ4] [2E8/IRQ3] 
Allows you to select the Parallel Port base addresses.  
Configuration options: [Disabled] [378] [278] [3BC]
Allows you to select the Parallel Port  mode.  
Configuration options: [Normal]  [EPP] [ECP] [EPP+ECP]
EPP Version [1.9]
Appears on ly when the Parallel.Port.Mode.item is set to [EPP] or [EPP+ECP]. 
This item allows you to set the Prallel Port EPP version. Configuration options: [1.9] 
Appears only when the Parallel.Port.Mode item is set to [ECP].or [EPP+ECP]. This 
item allows you to set the Parallel Port ECP DMA. Configuration options: [DMA0] 
[DMA1] [DMA3]
Parallel Port IRQ [IRQ7]
Allows you to select parallel port IRQ. Configuration options: [IRQ5] [IRQ7]
Allows BIOS tto 
select Serial Port1 
Base Addresses.