Main menu

Chapter 4: BIOS setup
System Time 
System Date 
[Mon 12/14/2009 
  Primary IDE Master           :[Not Detected]
  Primary IDE Slave 
:[Not Detected]
  SATA 1       
:[Not Detected]
  SATA 2  
:[Not Detected]
  SATA 3   
:[Not Detected]                                                                       
  SATA 4  
:[Not Detected] 
 Storage Configuration
  System Information
      Select Screen
      Select Item
Enter Go to Sub-screen
F1    General Help
F10   Save and Exit
ESC   Exit
v02.61 (C)Copyright 1985-2009, American Megatrends, Inc.
Main menu
When you enter the BIOS Setup program, the Main menu screen appears, giving 
you an overview of the basic system information.
Allows you to set the system time.
Allows you to set the system date.
Refer to section “4.2.1  BIOS menu screen” for information on the menu screen 
items and how to navigate through them.
Use [ENTER], [TAB]
or [SHIFT-TAB] to 
select a field.
Use [+] or [-] to
configure system time.