About This User s Manual, Notes for This Manual

Table of Contents
About This User’s Manual
You are reading the Eee PC User’s Manual. This User’s Manual provides 
information regarding the various components in the Eee PC and how to 
use them. The following are major sections of this User’s Manual:
Knowing the Parts 
Provides information on the Eee PC’s components.
Getting Started
Provides information on getting started with the Eee PC.
Using the Eee PC
Provides information on using the Eee PC’s utilities.
Support DVD & System Recovery
Gives you information on support DVD contents and system 
Gives you safety statements. 
The actual bundled applications differ by models and territories. 
There may be differences between your Eee PC and the pictures 
shown in this manual. Please accept your Eee PC as being correct.
Notes for This Manual
A few notes and warnings are used throughout this guide, allowing you 
to complete certain tasks safely and effectively. These notes have different 
degrees of importance as follows:
WARNING! Important information that must be followed for safe 
IMPORTANT! Vital information that must be followed to prevent 
damage to data, components, or persons.
TIP: Tips for completing tasks.
NOTE:  Information for special situations.