Front Side

Chapter 1: Knowing the Parts
  Battery Lock - Spring
The spring battery lock keeps the battery pack secure. When 
the battery pack is inserted, it will automatically lock. When 
removing the battery pack, this spring lock must be retained in 
the unlocked position.
  Battery Pack
The battery pack is automatically charged when connected 
to an AC power source and maintains power to the Eee PC 
when AC power is not connected. This allows use when moving 
temporarily between locations. Battery time varies by usage and 
by the specifications for this Eee PC. The battery pack cannot be 
disassembled and must be purchased as a single unit.
  Battery Lock - Manual
The manual battery lock is used to keep the battery pack secured. 
Move the manual lock to the unlocked position to insert or 
remove the battery pack. Move the manual lock to the locked 
position after inserting the battery pack.
  Memory Compartment
The memory module is secured in a dedicated compartment. 
Front Side
Refer to the illustration below to identify the components on this side of 
the Eee PC.
  Audio Speaker System
The built-in stereo speaker system allows you to hear audio 
without additional attachments. The multimedia sound system 
features an integrated digital audio controller that produces rich, 
vibrant sound (results improved with external stereo headphones 
or speakers). Audio features are software controlled.