Recovering your system

Chapter 6: Using the Utilities
After selecting files that you want to burn, click Burn to burn the files to a disc.
For more details about using Nero 9, refer to the Nero website at
Recovering your system
The bundled Recovery DVD assists you in reinstalling the operating system and restoring it 
to its original working state.
All data will be lost during the recovery process. Before recovering the system, ensure 
that you back up all your data and take note of any customized settings such as network 
To recover your system:
1.   Turn on your ASUS Desktop PC. When the ASUS logo appears, press <F8> to enter 
the Please select boot device menu.
Insert the recovery DVD into the optical drive and select the optical drive (CDROM:
XXX) as the boot device. Press Enter and then press any key to continue.
Wait until the Hard-Disk Information screen appears. Select where to install a new 
system. Options are:
Recover system to a partition
This option deletes only the partition you selected, allows you to keep other partitions, 
and creates a new system partition as drive “C.” Select a partition and click NEXT.
Recover system to entire HD
This option deletes all partitions from your hard disk drive and creates a new system 
partition as drive “C.” Select and click Yes.