4 7 2, Express Gate Enabled

Chapte 4: BIOS setup
Express Gate [Enabled]
Allows you to enable or disable the ASUS Express Gate feature. The ASUS 
Express Gate feature is a unique instant-on environment that provides quick 
access to the Internet browser and Skype. Configuration options: [Enabled] 
Enter OS Timer [10 Seconds]
Sets countdown duration that the system waits at the Express Gate’s first screen 
before starting Windows or other installed OS. Choose [Prompt User] to stay at 
the first screen of Express Gate for user action. 
Configuration options: [Prompt User] [1 second] [3 seconds] [5 seconds]  
[10 seconds] [15 seconds] [20 seconds] [30 seconds]
Reset User Data [No]
Allows you to clear Express Gate’s user data. 
Configuration options: [No] [Reset]
When setting this item to [Reset], make sure to save the setting to the BIOS 
so that the user data will be cleared the next time you enter the Express 
Gate. User data includes the Express Gate’s settings as well as any personal 
information stored by the web browser (bookmarks, cookies, browsing 
history, etc.). This is useful in the rare case where corrupt settings prevent the 
Express Gate environment from launching properly.
The first time wizard will run again when you enter the Express Gate 
environment after clearing its settings.