ASUS P3-P5G43 User Manual

Power menu

Chapte 4: BIOS setup
Power menu
The Power menu items allow you to change the settings for the Advanced 
Power Management (APM). Select an item then press <Enter> to display the 
configuration options.
Suspend Mode [Auto]
Allows you to select the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) state 
to be used for system suspend. Configuration options: [S1 (POS) Only] [S3 Only] 
[S1(POS) Only] - Enables the system to enter the ACPI S1 (Power on Suspend)  
sleep state. In S1 sleep state, the system appears suspended   
and stays in a low power mode. The system can be resumed at  
any time. 
[S3 Only] - Enables the system to enter the ACPI S3 (Suspend to RAM) sleep    
state (default). In S3 sleep state, the system appears to be off  
and consumes less power than in the S1 state. When signaled by a 
wake-up device or event, the system resumes to its working state 
exactly where it was left off.
[Auto] - Detected by OS.
ACPI 2.0 Support [Disabled]
Allows you to add more tables for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface 
(ACPI) 2.0 specifications. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]
ACPI APIC Support [Enabled]
Allows you to enable or disable the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface 
(ACPI) support in the Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). When set 
to Enabled, the ACPI APIC table pointer is included in the RSDT pointer list. 
Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]
      Select Screen
      Select Item
+-    Change Option
F1    General Help
F10   Save and Exit
ESC   Exit
Suspend Mode 
ACPI 2.0 Support 
ACPI APIC Support 
   APM Configuration
Hardware Monitor
Select the ACPI state 
used for System  
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