4 4 3, Chipset

Chapte 4: BIOS setup
The Chipset menu allows you to change the advanced chipset settings. Select an 
item then press <Enter> to display the sub-menu.
Advanced Chipset Settings
WARNING: Setting wrong values in below sections 
      may cause system to  malfunction.
North Bridge Configuration
  South Bridge Configuration
Configure North Bridge 
North Bridge Configuration
North Bridge Chipset Configuration
Memory Remap Feature 
Configure DRAM Timing by SPD 
Initiate Graphic Adapter 
IGD Graphics Mode Select 
[Enabled, 32MB]
GTT Graphics Memory Size 
[No VT mode, 2MB]
DVMT Mode Select 
[DVMT Mode]
DVMT Memory 
Protect Audio Video Path Mode 
Memory Remap Feature [Disabled]
Allows you to enable or disable the  remapping of overlapped PCI memory above 
the total physical memory. We recommend that you set this item to Enabled when 
you install 4GB memory. Configuration options: [Enabled] [Disabled] 
Configure DRAM Timing by SPD [Enabled]
Allows you to enable or disable configurating DRAM Timing by SPD. Configuration 
options: [Enabled] [Disabled] 
Initiate Graphic Adapter [PEG/PCI]
Allows you to select the graphics controller as the primary boot device. 
Configuration options: [IGD] [PCI/IGD] [PCI/PEG] [PEG/IGD][PEG/PCI]