ASUS MK241H User Guide

3 3 Troubleshooting FAQ

ASUS MK241 Series LCD Monitor
3.3  Troubleshooting (FAQ)
Possible Solution
Power  LED is not ON
•  Press the   button to check if the monitor is in  
   the ON mode. 
•  Check if the power cord is properly connected to  
   the monitor and the power outlet. 
The power LED lights amber and there is no 
screen image 
•  Check if the monitor and the computer are in the  
   ON mode. 
•  Make sure the signal cable is properly connected  
   the monitor and the computer. 
•  Inspect the signal cable and make sure none of  
   the pins are bent. 
•  Connect the computer with another available  
   monitor to check if the computer is  
   properly working.
Screen image is too light or dark
•  Adjust the Contrast and Brightness settings via  
Screen image is not centered or sized properly
•  Press the 
 button for 2–3 seconds to  
   automatically adjust the image (VGA input only). 
•  Adjust the H-Position or V-Position settings via  
   OSD (VGA input only).
Screen image bounces or a wave pattern is 
present in the image
•  Make sure the signal cable is properly  
   connected to the monitor and the computer. 
•  Move away electrical devices that may cause    
   electrical interference.
Screen image has color defects (white does not 
look white)
•  Inspect the signal cable and make sure that  
   none of the pins are bent.  
•  Perform 
All Reset via OSD. 
•  Adjust the R/G/B color settings or select the  
   Color Temperature via OSD.
Screen image is blurry or fuzzy
•  Press the 
 button for 2–3 seconds to   
   automatically adjust the image (VGA input only). 
•  Adjust the Phase and Clock settings via OSD  
   (VGA input only).
No sound or sound is low
•  Ensure that thse audio cable is properly    
   connected to the monitor and the computer 
•  Adjust the volume settings of both your  
   monitor and computer.  
•  Ensure that the computer sound card driver  
   is properly installed and activated.
Webcam or array microphone is not working
•  Make sure that you have connected the USB  
   2.0 cable securely to both the LCD monitor and  
   your computer. 
•  Make sure that you use the Microsoft
   Vista / XP Service Pack 2 operating systems.