Chapter 2 Getting Started

Chapter 2: Getting Started
2.1 Hardware Installation
If you prefer to use Ethernet for wired network connection, please plug 
in your Ethernet cable to the LAN (RJ45) port.
Please plug in the DC power adapter to the outlet and the DC power 
jack carefully. 
To operate the device, you can use the supplied remote control.
2.2 Software Installation
AIREC01F can work as a stand-alone device or as a media streamer of  
a media server. As a stand-alone unit, you can use it to listen to Internet 
radio and external USB storage/MP3 players. No computer is needed. 
For digital music files that are stored in your computer, you need to 
install streaming server software in the computer so that AIREC01F can 
request the streaming service from that server.
AIREC01F is compliant to UPnP protocol. It works with media server 
software such as Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11), 
Microsoft Media Connect 2.0 (WMC2.0), and Musicmatch Jukebox. 
Once you have the software installed on the computer, you can stream 
your music collection to AIREC01F.
Please find Appendix A and B for instructions on how to connect 
AIREC01F to your computer via WMP11, and WMC2.0.