Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.2 Features
• Choose between more than 11,000+ radio stations worldwide via 
  built-in vTuner with no monthly cost
• Search music by genre, i.e. classic, pop, talk, news, sports etc. and
  geographically over 150 countries
• Compatible with universal Plug-n-Play audio servers such as:
  Microsoft Media Player 11 (WMP11), Microsoft Media Connect and
  MusicMatch Jukebox
• Wireless access WIFI 802.11 b/g, Ethernet and USB 2.0 (host only)
• Access music files stored on a USB 2.0 flash drive, MP3 player or 
  Hard drive through the unit’s USB port
• 2 RCA plugs (Stereo Lineout) for external speakers
• No PC is required
• 1 Year limited warranty
1.3 Requirements
• Wired / wireless router
• Internet connection
1.4 Package Contents
Your order has been carefully packaged and inspected. The following 
should be included in your package.  Please inspect the contents of the 
package to ensure that you have received all items and that nothing has 
been damaged. If you discover a problem, please contact us immedi-
ately for assistance.
• WiFi Internet Radio
• Remote Control
• RCA Cable (3 ft.)
• Power Adaptor
• Instructional Manual / CD
• Quick Start Guide
• Warranty / Registration Card