Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Overview
Thank you for choosing Aluratek’s® WiFi / Wireless Internet Radio Home 
Theater Edition. Once I’m connected to your home theater system you 
will have access to 11,000+ live streaming internet radio stations from 
around the globe at your fingertips.
This includes any music genre you can think of including talk, sports and 
local news from over 150 countries. 
That’s pretty much free music for life pumping through your home stereo 
Just use your exisitng WiFi and internet connection.  If you have internet 
you are all set!
In addition to making sure only quality materials are used for manufac-
turing, Aluratek® is also dedicated to provide the best customer satisfac-
tion and support.
The goal of Aluratek is to embody 
“Simple Elegance” in every product 
it designs, manufactures and sells.
The product focus of Aluratek is to bring simple yet elegant connectiv-
ity solutions to the consumers to enhance their consumer electronics, 
communications and computing experience. Each product is carefully 
designed with the consumer in mind. Each product is solution-driven to 
address the need of the consumers and deliberately planned to provide 
the ultimate user experience.
Read this guide thoroughly and follow the installation and operation 
procedures carefully to prevent any damage to the unit and / or any of 
the devices it connects to.