Photo Function

Photo Function
Setup a Photo Slideshow
 • Navigate to the Photo function using the ◄ or ►arrow buttons and press the Play 
  Pause button.
• Select the source of the photos you wish to present in the slideshow by selecting
  MEMORY (Internal Memory), SD and USB storage options and pressing the ►║ button.  
• To begin your slideshow, press the Slideshow button on the remote control.  You can
  also start the slideshow by press the ►║ button in the thumb nail view.
• During slideshow, press and hold the ►║ button.  This will provide you with the various
  options to customize your slideshow.  Browse the options using the ▲ or ▼ arrow 
  buttons.  You may browse the features of each option using the ◄ or ►arrow buttons.