Timer recording

Timer recording
Timer recording is available only for TUNER and AUX (with an
external timer) sources.
1 Hold down SHIFT and press TIMER on the remote
control repeatedly so that "5 REC" is displayed.
2 Within 6 seconds, press SET.
3 Press f or g  to set the timer-on time, and
press SET.
Each press changes the time in 1-minute steps.
Holding these buttons down will vary the time in 10-minute
4 Press f or g to select the source, and press
• For timer recording of a radio broadcast, select
"TUNER". You will select the band later in step 7.
• For timer recording of the equipment connected to the
AUX IN jacks, select "AUX (VIDEO or TV)".
5 Press  f or g to set the timer-activated
duration, then press SET.
With each press, the timer-activated duration changes in
5-minute steps between 5 to 240 minutes.
6 Press f or g to adjust the volume for timer
recording, and press SET.
The volume level can be adjusted from 0 to 16.
7 Prepare the source.
To record the radio, select the band and tune in the desired
To record external equipment connected to the AUX IN
jacks, set an external timer for the equipment so that its
playback begins at the same time.
8 Insert the recording tape and then turn the unit
"5 REC" remains on the display to indicate the timer
standby mode (when ECO mode is deactivated).
At timer-on time, the unit turns on and records the selected
source. After the specified timer-activated duration, the
unit turns off again.
•To stop timer setting in steps 3 to 6, press s.
Timer standby mode is also canceled.
•Connected equipment cannot be turned on or off by the built-
in timer of this unit. Use an external timer.
When setting the timer on the unit
Hold down s and press f in stop mode.
Repeat the above to select timer playback, timer recording or
timer off mode, and use TONE instead of SET on the remote
control in the following steps.
To check the timer setting
Hold down SHIFT and press TIMER on the remote control
repeatedly so that "5 PLAY" or "5 REC" appears on the
The timer-on time, the source and the timer-activated duration
are displayed for 6 seconds.
To change the timer setting
Reset the timer again.
To cancel the timer
Hold down SHIFT and press TIMER on the remote control
repeatedly until "5  OFF" is displayed. "5 " or
"5 REC" disappears from the display.
Your timer setting is retained even if the timer is canceled.
Next time the timer is activated, you can change your previous
setting, or simply use the same setting again.