To start CD recording more easily
Insert the tape to be recorded, load the disc, and press
SYNCHRO REC. Regardless of the function currently selected,
CD play and tape recording start simultaneously.
•In CD stop mode, tape recording starts from the beginning
of the disc (all tracks recording).
When CD playback stops, tape recording stops
•In CD playback mode, the unit returns to the beginning of
the current track and it records only that track (one track
The unit continues playback till the end of the disc. To stop
playback, press s.
To stop recording
Press s.
To pause recording (only for TUNER or AUX source)
Press wREC/REC PAUSE. Press again to resume.
To record a selected set of tracks from a CD
Program the desired tracks (see "Programmed play" on page
9) and then press SYNCHRO REC.
To record a 4-second blank space (only for TUNER
or AUX source)
Inserting 4-second blank spaces may help you locate the
beginning of the track on other equipment with the "Music
Sensor" function.
1 Press d during recording or in recording pause mode.
"REC MUTE" flashes on the display for 4 seconds (a
blank space is added) and then the unit enters recording
pause mode.
2 Press wREC/REC PAUSE to resume recording.
•REC MUTE on the remote control is also available to add a
blank space in step 1.
To record a blank space shorter than 4 seconds, press again
while "REC MUTE" flashes.
To record a blank space longer than 4 seconds, press again
after the unit enters recording pause mode.
Each time the button is pressed, a 4-second blank space is
To erase a tape
1 Insert the tape. Set the tape to the desired point if needed.
2 Press AUX.
If optional equipment is connected to the AUX IN jacks, turn
it off.
3 Press wREC/REC PAUSE twice.
Basic recording
Use only type I (normal) tapes.
1 Press zPUSH EJECT to open the cassette holder.
2 Insert the recording tape.
Insert with the exposed side down, and the side to be
recorded on first facing out from the unit. Press zPUSH
EJECT to close the cassette holder.
3 Hold down SHIFT and press REV MODE
repeatedly on the remote control to select the
reverse mode.
To record on one side only, select p.
To record on both sides, select [.
If selecting "]" mode in this step, the reverse mode
changes to "["  when starting recording.
4 Press FUNCTION on the remote control  to select
the source to be recorded.
5 Prepare the source.
To record CD, load a disc.
To record a radio broadcast, tune in the desired station.
To record from connected external equipment, prepare the
6 Press  w REC/REC PAUSE twice to start
When recording a CD, CD playback starts automatically.
When recording input from connected equipment,
manually start playback of the source.
On the remote control, hold down SHIFT and press REC/
REC PAUSE twice to start recording.
•Volume or tone adjustment(s) does not affect recording.