Owner s Guide

SnapScan™ e20
Owner’s Guide
This chapter gives you information about SnapScan and about 
How to Use this Online Guide
Chapter 1: Preparing the Scanner
“Preparing the Scanner” explains how to prepare your SnapScan for installation.
Chapter 2: Installing the Scanner for PC
This chapter shows you how to set up your SnapScan for your PC.
Chapter 3: Installing the Scanner for Macintosh
This chapter shows you how to set up your SnapScan for your Macintosh computer.
Chapter 4: Making your First Scan
Here you find instructions on how to place reflective originals on the glass plate of your
Appendix A: Troubleshooting
“Troubleshooting” can be helpful when you come across problems.
Appendix B: Technical Information
This appendix provides specifications for your SnapScan.
Appendix C: Regulation Compliance
This appendix gives you information about safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility
and the declaration of conformity.