Chapter 3 Transferring Images to Your PC

Chapter 3: Transferring Images to Your PC
Chapter 3: Transferring Images to Your PC
Installing the Required Software
Insert the ePhoto CL20 CD in the CD-ROM drive.
Note: If the Installation does not start automatically, double-click My computer, double-
click the CD-ROM icon and double-click Setup.exe.
Select your language and follow the instructions.
AGFAnet client software
To send images over the internet for printing on photopaper.
Note: The Print button on your ePhoto CL20 camera will not be available without the
AGFAnet client software.
Note: To use the Agfa Internet Print Service, you need the AGFAnet client software.
For more information, refer to the AGFAnet brochure in your package or visit
Agfa PhotoWise
To organize your images in albums and make slideshows.
To capture video clips (over the USB cable).
To video-conference (over the USB cable).
Note: The installer in the NetMeeting folder will also install or update Internet
Explorer if necessary.
: After installing NetMeeting you have to restart your computer.
Adobe Acrobat
To read the User’s Guide.
Driver Software
The Driver software will install the Video Driver, the AgfaCam Mounter and the Twain
Driver in order to transfer or save still images.
: After installing the Driver Software you have to restart your computer.
Note: Make sure to install the Driver Software after installing the other applications.
The Driver Software will then automatically detect the previous installed software.
Follow the instructions in the successive screens.