Acer TravelMate 6000 User Guide

Frequently asked questions



Frequently-asked questions

The following is a list of possible situations that may arise during the 
use of your computer. Easy answers and solutions are provided for 
each one.

I slid the power button and opened the display, but the 
computer does not start or boot-up.

Look at the Power indicator:

If it is not lit, no power is being applied to the computer. Check 
the following:

If you are running on battery power, it may be low and unable 
to power the computer. Connect the AC adapter to recharge 
the battery pack.

Make sure that the AC adapter is plugged in properly to the 
computer and to the power outlet.

If it is lit, check the following:

Is a non-bootable (non-system) diskette in the floppy drive? 
Remove or replace it with a system diskette and press Ctrl-Alt-
Del to restart the system.

The operating system files may be damaged or missing. Insert the 
startup disk you created during Windows setup into the floppy 
drive and press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the system. This will diagnose 
your system and make necessary fixes.

Nothing appears on the screen.

The computer’s power management system automatically blanks the 
screen to save power. Press any key to turn the display back on.

If pressing a key does not turn the display back on, two things might 
be the cause:

The brightness level might be too low. Press Fn-

→ (increase) and 


← (decrease) to adjust the brightness level.

The display device might be set to an external monitor. Press the 
display toggle hot key Fn-F5 to toggle the display back to the 

If the Sleep indicator is lit, the computer is in Sleep mode. Slide 
and release the power button to resume.