Acer TravelMate 6000 User Guide

Using software



Ejecting the optical (CD or DVD) drive tray

To eject the optical drive tray when the computer is turned on, press 
the drive eject button.

When the power is off, you can eject the drive tray using the 
emergency eject hole. See page 62.

Using software

Playing DVD movies

When the DVD drive module is installed in the AcerMedia bay, you can 
play DVD movies on your computer.


Eject the DVD tray and insert a DVD movie disc; then close the DVD 

Important! When you launch the DVD player for the first time, the 
program asks you to input the region code. DVD discs are divided 
into 6 regions. Once your DVD drive is set to a region code, it will 
play DVD discs of that region only. You can set the region code a 
maximum of five times (including the first time), after which the 
last region code set will remain permanent. Recovering your hard 
disk does not reset the number of times the region code has been 
set. Refer to the table below for DVD movie region code