Installing and removing the battery pack



Follow these steps again until the battery has been charged and 
discharged three times.
Use this conditioning process for all new batteries, or if a battery hasn't 
been used for a long time. If the computer is to be stored for more 
than two weeks, you are advised to remove the battery pack from the 

Warning: Do not expose battery packs to temperatures below 0°C 
(32°F) or above 45°C (113°F). Extreme temperatures may adversely 
affect the battery pack.

By following the battery conditioning process you condition your 
battery to accept the maximum possible charge. Failure to follow this 
procedure will prevent you from obtaining the maximum battery 
charge, and will also shorten the effective lifespan of the battery.
In addition, the useful lifespan of the battery is adversely affected by 
the following usage patterns:

Using the computer on constant AC power with the battery 
inserted. If you want to use constant AC power, you are advised to 
remove the battery pack after it is fully charged.

Not discharging and recharging the battery to its extremes, as 
described above.

Frequent use; the more you use the battery, the faster it will reach 
the end of its effective life. A standard computer battery has a life 
span of about 300 charges.

Installing and removing the battery pack

Important! Before removing the battery from the unit, connect 
the AC adapter if you want to continue using your computer. 
Otherwise, turn off the computer first.

To install a battery pack:


Align the battery with the open battery bay; make sure that the 
end with the contacts will enter first, and that the top surface of 
the battery is facing up.


Slide the battery into the battery bay and gently push until the 
battery locks in place.