System upgrade



System upgrade

You can expand your Aspire T650A system quickly and easily by adding 
components. You can also upgrade the components of your Aspire T650A 

Opening the computer

Before removing any panels or covers, please make sure to shut off the 
computer and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

Remove the two screws on the side panel.

Slide the panel back and off.

Setting up new components

You can only use components compatible with Aspire T650A computers. 
Before you choose new components, please ask your authorized Acer 
dealer whether the part is compatible with your Aspire T650A system.

In order to ensure proper setup and installation, please consult the 
instructions provided with your new components.

Possible upgrades include:


Upgrade to High Capacity HDD


Expand high-level memory


Upgrade from a CD-ROM drive to CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-
RW combo or DVD writer


Install additional interface cards in empty PCI slots e.g., PCI 
fax/modem card