To add background music to a slide show, click on the "Slide Show Music" 
option. The Slide Show Music page will ask you to choose music from your 
personal music library.
Click Load Default Settings to return your settings to their default values.


To open the Video function, click Video on the Arcade Home page.

Note: The Video feature is designed to play back many different 
kinds of video formats. Refer to the Video help section for a full 
list of compatible formats. If you want to watch a DVD or VCD, use 
the "Cinema" function.

Playing a video file

Click Play to watch video files. The Video page shows the video files in the 
content area on the right side. They are organized by folders and a thumbnail 
image shows the first frame of each video.
To play a video file, click on it. The video will play at full screen. The pop-up 
control panel will appear at the bottom of the screen when you move the 
mouse. To return to the Video page, click Stop.


Snapshot mode is available in Cinema and Video modes. This function can be 
used to capture the onscreen image at any time.
A single frame image will be captured and stored in a user designated directory. 
The destination directory can be changed from the "Settings"menu.

Editing video

Acer Arcade offers the capability to edit captured video clips, photos and 
footage from a camcorder into a movie. You can also select a movie style, and 
add special transition effects and music to create the perfect home movie.
To edit a movie, click Advanced, and then select "Edit Video." Then select the 
clips you wish to edit from your folders. To complete your movie, you may also  
choose a "Movie Style," "Background Music," the perfect ratio of music and 
audio, as well as the length of the movie. 
"Select Scenes" can be used to include your favorite or the most important 
scenes, or the editing decisions can be left to the editing program.
Once compiled, the final movie can then be burned to disk to share with family 
and friends.