Acer Arcade lets you view digital photos individually or as a slide show, from 
any available drive on your computer. Click the Album button on the Arcade 
Home page to show the Album main page.

The content area on the right shows both individual pictures and folders. 
Click on a folder to open it.
To view a slide show, open the folder containing the pictures you wish to view, 
then click Play Slide Show. The slide show is played at full screen. Use the 
pop-up control panel to control the slide show.
You can also view a single picture by clicking on it. This opens the picture at 
full screen.
You can then use the onscreen player controls to zoom in and out, and to pan 
in four directions.

Editing Pictures

Choose "Edit," and you can "Rotate," "Remove Red Eye," and "Auto Fix" 
(optimize the brightness and contrast) pictures to improve the appearance of 
your images.

Slide Show settings

To change Slide Show settings, click the Advanced button on the Album page 
and select "Settings."
"Slide Duration" determines how long each slide is shown before automatically 
advancing to the next picture in the slide show.
"Slide Show Transition" sets the style of transition used between pictures; you 
can choose between Motion, Cell, Fade, Random, Wipe, Slide, Page and None