Arcade controls



In Audio Settings:
Use "Speaker Environment" to choose between "Headphones," "SPDIF," "2" or 
more speakers depending on your audio equipment.
"Output Mode" should be set to "Stereo" if you are listening to speakers, 
"Dolby Surround," or "Virtual Surround Sound" if you are using headphones.

Note: If your speakers are not capable of outputting 
low-frequency signals, it is recommended that you do not select 
Virtual Surround Sound, in order to avoid damaging your 

Click Run Setup Wizard to change your original startup settings.
Click About Acer Arcade to open a page with version and copyright 
Click Restore Default Settings to return the Acer Arcade settings to their 
default values.

Arcade controls

When watching video clips, movies or slide shows at full screen, two pop-up 
control panels are shown when you move the pointer. They automatically 
disappear after several seconds. The "Navigation Controls" panel appears at the 
top and the "Player Controls" panel appears at the bottom of the screen.

Navigation controls

To return to the Arcade home page, click the Home button in the upper-left 
corner of the window. To go up one folder level while searching for content, 
click Up one level. To return to the previous screen, click the red arrow. The 
buttons in the upper right (minimize, maximize, close) have standard PC 
To quit Arcade, click the Close button in the upper right corner of the window.

Player controls

At the bottom of the window, the player controls — used for video, slide shows,  
movies and music — are shown. The group on the left provides standard 
playback controls (play, pause, stop, etc.). The group on the right controls 
volume (mute and volume up/down).

Note: When playing DVDs, there are additional controls added to 
the right of the volume controls. These are discussed in more 
detail in the Cinema of this guide.